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       Shao Jiaye was born in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province on February 21, 1939. Being a top-grade photographer, he is a member of Chinese Photographers Association, a member of Zhejiang Culture Federation, chairman of Wenzhou Photographers Association and a special correspondent to a pictorial named Travel in China, published in Hong Kong.

Under the influence of his father, Mr. Shao Du, Shao Jiaye was fascinated with photographic arts even in his childhood. In 1954, because of the family's poor economic condition, he found a job in Chu Ye Photo studio before he could finish his junior high school. Later on, he worked as a photographer in various studios such as Mei Shu, Nan Yang and Lu Tian etc., and a teacher of photographic technique training in Wenzhou. Mr. Shao Jiaye has been engaged in the field of photography for more than forty years.

In 1957, Shao's virgin piece, Homeward Boat, was awarded a prize in a national photographic competition sponsored by Wen Hui Bao, one of Chinese authoritative newspaper. From then on, his works such as Autumn, Fleets on Oujang River, and White Sails on Green Waters were displayed on the fifth, eighth, twelfth, fourteenth and sixteenth national exhibitions. By now, more than one thousand works have been published, and sixty of them have won prizes in all kinds of photographic exhibitions and competitions.

Since 1985, his works have often been seen on international photography exhibitions. On exhibitions accredited by the Photographic Society of America and the Federation Internationle De L' Art Photogrphique in various countries and territories such as Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong and Macao, Shao's one hundred and eighteen works were chosen to exhibit, among which eleven pieces were awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals, eight pieces even won FIAP Honorary Medal and Honorary Medal of Photo-Art Association of Singapore. In 1991, his Grotesque Peaks Rivaling Beauty, Lijiang River in March, Hollow Valley in Remote Mountains and Mist-Shrouded Waters on Frost Day won Gold Medal of the Federation of Hong Kong-Macacu Photographic Associations --- the best set of black and white pictures, in the Twenty -First International Photographic Salon sponsored by Hong Kong Camera Club.

In 1989 and 1992, Shao Jiaye was nominated successively for the China's top photographic award --- Golden Statue award. His biography was included in the Dictionary of Chinese Photographers and Biographies of Chinese Writers and Artists.

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