Chronicle of Events of Mr. Du Shao
Nov. 15, 1910Born inYongqiang, Wenzhou Zhejiang Province (now Longwan Distrct)
1922Graduated from Model Elementary School Affiliated to Zhejiang Tenth Normal College
1923Began as an apprentice at Aiwu Photo Studio
1927Became a photographer at Huanwu Photo Studio
beginning his artistic creation photographing
1931Became the manager of Huanwu Photo Studio
His virgin pieces, Great Bridge Builder, Jizhou Bridge of Longquan County, were published in the No. 23 of Wenhua Pictorial
Major artwork: Cloud over Jiushan River and Home in Sight
1932Major artwork: Boating
1933Major artwork: Jackdaw Caws at Dusk
1934Went to Shanghai to take photos
Major artwork: Folk Art
1935Participated in the International Photography Exhibition (Shanghai)
Major artworks: Expedition Sail, Harvest, City Wall against the Sunset
1936 Married with Miss Sufen Zhang
Went to Yandang Moutains to take photos
Major artworks: Valorous Gaze,Swan Goose in Spring (set of photos)
1937 Major artworks: Cultivation and Harvest (set of photos), Sunset, A Bird Singing in the Tree, Eagles (set of photos)
1938Participated in news photo coverage during the Anti-Japanese War
Major artwork: Wenzhou’s Preparation of All sorts under Enemy Airplanes and Warship Threat and Situation after the Bombing (set of photos)
1939Employed as a freelance photographer at the Earth Pictorial in Hong Kong
Major artworks: Enlightening the Children during the Anti-Japanese War (set of photos as a textbook), Tearing down the Rampart and Eliminating (set of photos), Outdated Things (set of photos), Poem of Defoliation
1940Taking photos along Oujiang River
Major artwork: Rising Gale Sweeps the Clouds Across the Sky
1942Major artwork: Homecoming During a Snowy Night
1943Major artwork: Snow-covered Landscape
1944Major artwork: Xunshan Pagoda
1945Went to Yandang Mountains to take photos
Major artwork: Watch Longqiu Waterfall
1946Took photos in Taibei, Keelung, Beitou, Xinzhu, and Taizhong in Taiwan
Major artworks: Bei Tou Hot Spring, Waterfall, Sitting under the Acacia, Outing
1947Established Shaodu Photo Studio
1948Joined Chinese Photographic Society (Shanghai)
Went to Hangzhou and other places to take photos
Major artworks: Sailing against the Current, Image of the Sailing
1949Began his professional photographic creation
1951Major artwork: Material
1953Went to Nanxi river to take photos
Major artworks: Birds Singing in the Empty Valley, Mountains Greeting Morning Sun
1954Went to Stone Gate in Qingtian to take photos
Major artworks: The River Flowing to the East, Mist Shrouded Waters
1955Major artwork: Sailing at Dawn on Oujiang River
1956Went to Yandang Mountains to take photos
Major artwork: Mist Wreathed Peaks
1957Major artwork: Dawn at Oujiang River
1958Major artwork: Warm Mist Over River In Spring
1959Major artworks: Boats floating on the River in Spring, Ancient Tree Welcome Sailboat
1960Major artworks: Connected, The Dock, Rafting in the Snow, Playing with the Water at a Deep Pool
1961Major artworks: Sunrise Over Oujiang River, Suburb Morning, Songtai Mountain in Drizzle, Flowering Reeds Report Late Autumn
1962Major artworks: The Early Morning in Wenzhou, The Tide of Oujiang River, The Clearing of the weather in the Rainy Season
1963Major artworks: The Competition of the Light and the Cloud, The Misty Drizzling Make the Willow Bloom, Magpie Calls for a Fruitful Year, Busy Cultivating in Early Spring
1964Major artworks: The Beauty of Architecture, Who
1965Major artworks: Solitary Sail Encounter Heavy Rain, An Elegant Flower
1966Major artwork: Before the Storm
1967Major artwork: Pastoral
1968Major artworks: Lotus, The View of the River, Fish Jumping in Rising Tide of Oujiang River, Earnestly Enjoin as a Mom
1969Major artwork: Magnificent Scenery Like a Picture, Canola Flower Wheat Seedling Revel in East Wind, A fascinating View of the Jiangxin Islet through Thorn Tree
June 5, 1970Died of illness at Wenzhou

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